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PETES AWESOME CURLY Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Pete "DANGER" ""AWESOMe"" """DUDE""" Best

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What a summer, what a fall! [07 Nov 2007|02:36pm]
[ mood | goofy ]

It's weird writing in this thing like I'm writing to someone I haven't talked to in forever. As embarrassing as it is, sometimes I feel like when I forget about journals I used to write in all the time, it responds by eagerly listening to what has been going on in my life, almost scolding me for leaving it in the dark as to the comings and goings of my life. Yeah, I even feel a little bit of instinctual guilt for neglecting it and not considering it's "feelings."

Anywho, it's been a crazy summer (I think that's where I left off?) I wasn't able to find a job at New Hampshire magazine in order to work somewhere that pertains to my enlgish major, but I DID work at a particularly magical mini-golf course. Chucksters is the invention of Mark Blasko and Chuck Bretton, two AWESOME dudes at my church who have managed to remain five years old their entire lives while celebrating their 50ish'th birthday days at some point this year. It has the longest minigolf hole in the world (possibly in the universe) and BOY is it FUNbelievable! I worked an easy 40 hours a week and made just enough money to finance yet another year of college. Plus! I got payed to juggle and perform magic tricks for kids parties!

This summer was great in a lot of ways. I loved hanging out with the people at Chucksters; they really felt like family. Although I didn't get to go cliff jumping with Corey at the Quarries, I did manage to do a lot of fun bridge jumping and fun swimming with Will. The day before I left Keene I saw State Radio in concert and was EQUALLY thrilled as when they played for Keene the year prior. I did a lot of skimboarding at the beach, and SOULFEST's 10th year anniversary was actually AMAZING. We saw Holy Fire, rocked our faces off to John Reuben, goofed around at Eleventy Seven, and finally ascended into an INCREDIBLE culmination of musical ECSTASY as MxPx played the best set that I've ever seen them play. All the classics, some new catchy songs, and an awesome encore of Punk Rawk show were played and I don't think they could've done a more quality job.

Also this summer I made the purchase of a great longboard. It's extra flexible and laced with fiberglass so you can pretty much ride it like water. In addition to the tech skateboarding I've been doing on and off since my freshman year of highschool, I've discovered a completely new style of skating/sidewalk surfing.

As the summer tapered down, we finished work and I actually had free time to go to dinner and catch up with Corey M., Cancha, and Jen again. I got to see J-Lynne, and I met Jeff Chagnon at Warped Tour. Although I didn't get to go with the gang like last summer, I still had such a good time, seeing Amber Pacific, The Spill Canvas, The Toasters, The Starting Line, and the MAIN act my brohan and I had in mind: THE ROCKET SUMMER!! At the close of summer Elsa visited us and we dug up family videos left unwatched for 14ish years. Finally, on the last day that I was free before summer, I got together with Pete Chiriciello, Laura T and Dayvid and we watched an indie film at The Music House in Portsmouth. It was cool walking around the streets that I knew I'd be neighboring in only a matter of days, and the sights at night were incredible. All in all, an A+ summer.

annnnnd THAT is the end of this chapter. More to come on the Fall of '07 at the University of New Hampshire!

with much love,

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A well-needed update! [28 Jul 2007|08:53pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey Livejournal!

It's an unfortunate occurrence that I, along with many other people my age, have become too busy to post the daily events that are certainly both worth writing about and worth hearing about!

It's been too long, but I'll try to bring you back up to speed. I even have a couple jokes of the day for you!

Q: What did the blood donor say when his wife asked him how he felt after the process was over?

A: He said, "I feel a bit DRAINED, but other than that, I'm great!"

Q: What did the Lawyer wear to work on his most important case?

A: A Lawsuit!

haha, anywho.

So, if you can recall the especially recent entries, I was writing in lieu of the twilight of my teenage years and a feeling of impending dread was highly influential to the way I was recording my last fleeting pre-adult thoughts. I think out of all things that have taken place, it would be appropriate to re-call the birthday weekend (aka Spring Weekend) in which I finally transitioned upon a new frontier of the TWENTIES.

It started with an incredible day. I relished the sunlight as I walked to get sizzlers with Shiloh and Becky, Nick Grillo and the OH-SO lovable, splendid, and DELICIOUS Sean Berry!

As I checked my mail, I found an AMAZING carepackage from my parents. After a delicious sizzler and a frantic THANKYOU phone call back home, I excitedly opened my present and found a copy of LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ( a truly beautiful movie) and because my birthday is also National Earth Day, three wonderful recycled juggling clubs. Later that day, I was given a free I <3 Spring Weekend mostly just reserved for RA's and STAFF. After playing softball and frisbee with Nate and Chilling with Beth-Ann, I ventured to the AWESOME blow up obstacle courses and played and ate some free food with Jamie. I got a phone call from Andy, and then we went on a TEN mile bike-ride that REALLY tired me out, but was a great workout!

I returned a bit muddy and had thankfully just missed a grizzly BMX accident in which a professional biker had just fallen wrong, but got there in time to see him give a "Thumbs up" to the crowd as he was wheeled into an ambulance. Then Laura, Dave, Kaitlyn and I hung out and checked out some awesome vynal CD's which were amazing. At the dusk of a great day, I journeyed home and found a "The Rocket Summer t-shirt" which I had ordered online but forgot about! After catching up with the rents for a bit, I journeyed down to UNH to chill with Brad. While sneakin' a free meal in the HoCo, we saw Elsa and asked if she might want to come and see Jacks Mannequin, Cartel and Treaty of Paris...and she was like SURE!!

So after we all piled into the car, we found ourselves at Keene on an especially starry night. Soon we went out to stargaze and play on the playground. It was an amazing time and the warm spring air was so refreshing as we ran around and climbed on the monkeybars, and played on the swings. At 11:57, before we were to say goodbye to being teenagers forever, we listened to MxPx - Party at my house; a song which pretty much sums up teenage rowdiness, fun and optimism. On our birthday we went to Sturtevant Chapel and sat with CCfC which was amazing, and ate cake at Ashulot park, where we were able to dip our feet into the river and play in the grass with Elsa and do cartwheels. We also played frisbee and ate popcorn with Hayley, ate cookies that Shiloh and Becky had made for us, and finally go to see the concert! Dave and Sean Berry waited in line with us, and we rocked out to songs of which I might have known like, 2 percent of. Haha.

It may not sound like it, but it was still such an amazing day, and I was glad that I was able to spend it with Bradley :-) Although I was worried about saying goodbye to constant self-discovery, as well as figuring out who I am, I realized that the only thing that changed was a significant increase in confidence in life, and at least a vague solidification of who I know I am now as well as who I know I want to become.

But by the by, I think that's it for now!
If you've read this far, I commend you for you excellent attention-span and I plan to update on the summer soon!

love the love,
-Pete "Danger" Best

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EASTER [27 Apr 2007|03:10pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Easter vacation was a good one indeed. Although I did have kindof a lot of homework, it was still an amazing time. My good friend, Laura Thomas drove down with me because her house was literally two feet away from UNH, where I was going to pick up Brad, so we had some good times and had some very good conversation! After I dropped her off I chilled with Bradley and watched Curb your Enthusiasm at Congrieve where his dorm is, and after a bit, we were headed home. We chilled and watched Scrubs at 12:30 (as has become the ritual over winter break).

After five and a half hours of sleep I got up, grabbed a sleeveless t, some running shorts, and dawned my racing flats, which, after my leg injury, I thought I had hung up for good. My Dad told me that he was running an early morning 5K roadrace. I hadn't tried to run (nor had any success without a great deal of pain) since about a year ago, but I decided to jump in and race it anyways. I ate a banana for potassium and headed off. Unfortunately, we got there late, and I had little time to stretch, but I figured that my end-time would be so far from elite, it didn't much matter.
I started off quite fast, running a 5:20 first mile, and that's when I started dry heaving. I could feel the banana not sitting well and my hamstrings were tight as laced guitar chords! I hung with the top group anyways though. At the third mile, (warning, discretion is advised to any squeaming readers) the banana finally came up, and I puked it all out. I tried to keep running, but a sharp pain in my esophagus told me to stop. For the thirty seconds or so, in anguished dissapointment, I figured that I would have to walk the rest of the way. As person after person passed me, one old man running by looked at me, scowling, and said, "Run, you wimp!" I made a decision, summoned all the spunk up in me, and started sprinting at a speed FAR above any wise threshold pace. With legs flailing and foam and bile clinging to my beard, I crossed the finish line at an almost respectable time of 18:50, considering the circumstances. I got third in my age group. I don't think that it was a sign that I should run again, I think that it was something to let me know that even with a half inch leg-length discrepancy that can make running very painful, 1/2 of an inch is far too short of a distance to hold me back from accomplishing the things I want to accomplish.

That night we went out to eat at the Red Apple Buffet and later watched The Passion of the Christ (A jarring, yet necessary film to watch).

I went to bed at 12:00 and got up at 3:00 to drive to Loon for the Sunrise Service with Bradley. Because I'd been snowboarding twice this winter, Brad and I both took our skii's and after the service we skiied down the mountain. Fighting fatigue, I made the arduous journey to Concord and made it in time to to teach the lit'l tikes in Childrens Church which was nothing short of amazing, and then we had a family Easter Egg hunt as usual!

a great weekend had by all. Presently, I am just putting the wraps on the semester and gearing up for Summer vacation!

Have a great day everyone,
-Pete "Danger" Best!

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allegory of love, two jokes of the day at the bottom:-) [28 Mar 2007|12:17pm]
Heya to all.

I've decided another FINAL entry of my teenage years was in order. Call me a sentamentalist, but I'm a sucker for reminiscence ;-)

So recently, I was helping a friend study for a chemistry exam and quite randomly I drew a number of comparisons between love and chemistry.

It seems to me lately that love is such a hit-or-miss activity for so many people. For the most part, chemistry between two people is crucial in a relationship. But love is really not that much like chemistry. There are too many unknown things in love; too many anonymous variables.
With such a potent element of mystery to it, I would say that love is more analygous to alchemy. Early alchemists elegantly mixed chemistry, superstition and types of "magical" spells towards the main goal of turning two ordinary elements in the the extraordinary entity of gold.
If love achieves the same goal, taking two normal people and binding them together into something extraordinary, the problem must be that there are so many different combinations that seem great, but just dom't mix well.

For example:
Lets say that we take two people who are incredibly passionate about one another, and call them bromobenzene and KOH. When we mix these two elements together, we get a benzyne intermediate which is incredibly radient and burns passionately, but is HIGHLY unstable.

On the other hand, you could ignite arsenic in H2O, and get a pretty brilliant reaction, but after only a couple minutes, the once insatiable flame fizzles out. Unfortunately, I can think of many scenarios in which the fire between two people is slowly yet surely extinguished.

Obviously, there are some people who mix about as well as Nitroglycerine and water, and any reaction between them is a non-stop explosion. No matter how much some people care about one another, it seems that their lives are consumed by personal fights and anger with eachother.

I don't know, I'd like to that think an incredibly lucky few find a love that is more like the mixture of starch and idodine, which produces a very pleasant blue color. It might not burn brilliantly; it can't compare to an insatiable flame by any stretch of the imagination, but most importantly, it's a very stable mixture, and it's completely compatible.

haha. I know that this is rediculous comparison, but I feel like today people tend to look for the wrong aspects of personal chemistry in relationships. Anyways, just two cents that were bouncing around in the noggin.

Jokes of the Day:

Q: What did the mother Elephant say when she caught her baby elephant using bad manners at the dinner table?

A: She said, mmm, mmm, TUSK, TUSK!

Q: Why do nuns wear such funky hats?

A: It just started as a bad habit!

love the love,
-Pete "Danger" Best
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lessons learned/to be learned, and the long-term scale pursuit of perfection [05 Mar 2007|08:51pm]
[ mood | sick (but happy!) ]

Hey LJ! I've got a few thoughts bouncing around in my noggin. As of late I've been thinking alot about the mistakes I've made looking back as I am in the winter of my teenage years. Maybe it's too soon to look back on part of a chapter in my life that isn't quite over yet. Either way, I know one thing about my journey into adulthood. I sure have tried hard to be the best kind of person I could be.

I was reading probably my favorite book of the Bible, (Phillipians) and while Paul is addressing the church of Phillipi I'm pretty sure he's doing kindof the same self-evaluation that I'm doing.

He writes:

12Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.
13Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,
14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

At stages in life like this I figure that many of us all ache(emphasis) to be completely perfectable. To indulge in my love for the analygous literary device, it's kindof like we all start as these massive nasty lumps of coal. Then we start a journey; kindof a quest to ultimately become the best that we can be. We go through all this school and stress and social problems while we learn about life and love. And the whole time we just hate all the frustration and stress that pushes down on us, but at the end of the day, the only thing that can shape the entity of coal into diamond is an intense and extreme pressure. I don't know if we'll ever attain perfection no matter how hard we work for it. Maybe we'll just end up as much less gnarly lumps of coal. But isn't that still so worth working towards, if you can better yourself as much as humanly possible?

I know that in retrospect when I look back on this entry in a year or two I'll probably be embarrassed by how cheesy and truly adolescent this entry is, but hey! I only have a month until I turn twenty anyways. I guess this is my last chance to be an angsty pseudo-intellectual teenager with SoOoO much perspective on life! Ha. if only I could just get some more of that :-P

peace love and bullet-proof marshmallows,
-Pete "Danger" Best!

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First update in such a long while! [16 Feb 2007|11:30am]
[ mood | creative ]

It's been so long since I've updated this thing. I have jokes of the day, and the beginning skeleton of a poem which I think isn't half bad, all things considered. But first perhaps I shall deliver my two cents of late :)

My sophomore year here at Keene State College is swiftly and decisively coming to a close. My English major is coming along nicely, and I'm definately enjoying my classes more than ever before!
Days here are spent with good friends, and my nights are spent reading late into the [not so]early morning. The last week I read a different book every night. I think that a voracious literary appetite may be a side-effect of my major starting to kick into full swing. I'm not sure what a nocturnal life-style is a side effect of. To be honest, I wouldn't even call it nocturnal, it's more just an ability of getting by on a couple hours of sleep and feeling (of all things) more refreshed than EVER afterwards!

As every year, God has blessed me with an absolutely STAGGERING Valentines day. No matter what circumstance, it always turns out amazingly.

Without further script:

The Pain of the Runner
Pete Best

Gliding through the dew-wet grass
he is a ghostly sight
conquering hills by day
escaping introversion by night

Here the runners’ soul is bared
his essence separated
his mind focused on a lonely prize
his spirit is elated

He runs with ease but on his shoulders
resides a weight that few can carry
he lashes and he bleeds is soul
He’ll die if necessary

Through dust and dirt he grimly strides
his labored tempo quickens
His mind morose, his spirit soars
He runs on legs like pistons

A runner’s stitch sears in his side
He’s breathing deep and hoarse
his arms pump up and down furiously
Pain cannot stay him from his course

He sprints inclines and clears tree roots
on survival-hardened muscle
detached entirely from the songs of birds
he cannot hear the tree’s leaves rustle

He runs against his very self
heart-breakingly alone
reduced to nature’s elements
gristle, flesh and bone

...it lacks a decent ending, and needs severe structural revision, but oh well, hope you like it!! :)

Joke(s) of the Day:

Q: What did the weight watcher say when her Doctor told her she needed to reduce her food intake before Thanksgiving?

A: She quit cold TURKEY!!!

Q: What do you call a child that sleeps during the day?

A: A kid-NAPPER!

Q: What did the man do when he found a cure for baldness?

A: He called it "Extreme Makeover: Dome Edition!"

Q: What do underwear models do before they go home when the photo-shoot is over?

A: They de-BRIEF!

Q: What did the woman say when she was dissapointed in the newest leg waxing product?

A: She said, "Good GRAVY! What a RIP-OFF!"

Q: What kind of plant is most dangerous around the holiday season?

A: MISSILE-toe! (Not really the Christmas season, but anywho...worth a go!)

Q: What did the jewelry company do when they wanted to advertise jewlery to single people on Valentines?

A: They made a banner that said, "True joy is In-de-PENDANT!" HAHA get it?

Q:What did the lawyer think when he helped a poor couple sign a legal document to achieve ownership of a house?

A: He said, "Well, I've done my good DEED for the day!"

love the love,
-Pete "Danger" Best

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New Jokes for y'all [12 Nov 2006|12:36pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Q: Did you hear about the man who loved the show "Touched By an Angel"?

A: He watched that show RELIGIOUSLY!

Q: Why did the distance runner break his swing-dance vynal disk in two?

A: Because he believed RECORDS were meant to be BROKEN!

Q: What is a tortoises' least-favorite dinner time meal?

A: Boiled TURTLE-ini! (correct pronunciation is tortillini)

Q: What did the dentist say when his patient asked him how the routine of the visit would go?

A: The doctor looked at him menacingly and said, "You know the DRILL!"

Q: What does an alligator do when he wants to change the radio station?

A: He turns the croco-DIAL!

Q: What did the fruit lover say when she was proposed to be married?

A: She said, "I'm so so sorry! I cant-elope!"

Q: What happens when a spooky spirit gets really out of shape?

A: He needs to be EXERCISED!

Q: What does a hot cocoa drinking thief get when he is sent to prison?

A: He gets his mug shot taken!

Q: Why did the anthropologist decide to become a otolaryngologist (throat doctor)?

A: Because he loved studying all the THROAT CULTURES!

Q: What did the motorcycle say when it was invited to race another motorcyle?

A: It said, "WHEEL certainly be racing soon!"

Q: What do you call a cartoon with straps clipped over his shoulders from his belt?

A: SUSPENDED animation!

so recently I've started to post jokes of the day onto facebook...but no worries, I'll still put them on here. I haven't posted in QUITE a long time, but I think I'll be posting a four or five page entry about the better part of this semester that has passed :-P

love the love,
-Peter "Danger Rebel Loner Angst" Best

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Tisk tisk, shame shame [16 Sep 2006|05:59pm]
[ mood | different ]

Five jokes of the day in one entry, and no feedback. Not Kablam-o. Not cool at ALL. I'm VERY dissapointed! :-P

Q: What do you call snakes that don't bite, and clean your car?
A: Windshield Vipers!

Q: Why is it impossible for Elephants to go skinny dipping?
A: Because they can't take off their trunks!

Q: Why do matches hate to play baseball?
A: Because they're always out after one strike!

Feedback is most certainly appreciated, DESPITE WHAT YOU MAY HAVE THOUGHT!

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JOKES OF THE DAY OF LATE [07 Sep 2006|12:56pm]
[ mood | ecstatic! ]

Q: What did the dinosaur say when a comet was about to hit the earth and wipe out all life on the planet?

A: He said, "MAN! This ex-STINKS!" (invented in Adventureland, Orlando Florida)

Q: What do people who sneeze all the time wear on their shoes?

A: They wear "AHHHH-SHOOOES!" (@ KSC)

Q: "Did you hear about the map reader who was great at what he did?

respondant: "No, I didn't."

A: "Yeah, he was a LEGEND!" (invented in Geology class)

Q: What was the death-defying acrobat only four feet tall?

A: Because his growth was STUNT-ed!

FINALLY that last one. If you are a bit squeamish when you read jokes with a scandalous edge to them, please do not read below...however, if you can watch PG movies, then I'm pretty sure you can handle this :-D

Q: What do you call a doctor who examines a dinosaurs more *ahem* intimate parts?


that concludes the joke pow-wow for the day. Updates on the riveting life of Pete Best are coming soon, but suffice it to say it wouldn't be cavalier to say it's rather amazing!

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Summer's almost over :-( [08 Aug 2006|11:20pm]
[ mood | reflective ]

Joke of the day (made up by someone else, but HILARIOUS anyways!)

Q: Why did the artist get a job to help maintain his car?

A: Because he needed the monet, to buy Degass, to make the Van Gough!

okey doke, just jotting down some events to look back on the summer of 06. PROBABLY one of the top three summer I've ever had! Summer of '02 and '04 were pretty good too, and the summer of 1990 was amazing as well, but '06 very well COULD take the cake...we'll see, it's not over yet! Favorite times were frequenting the ropeswing and beech hill farms, cliff jumping 40 feet at the quarries, dressing up as PIRATES! Amesbury trips, PLUM ISLAND...what a beautiful place. 4th of July, swimming near the ropeswing will Will and Ben and Barbara, that play day with Nicole and Rheanna, climing tress near the beach, somehow convincing PATTY to go on the ropeswing! NOT the fact that Patty went to DC and couldn't play/talk/chill :( scooting really fast really late @ concord, canoeing and playing on the sandwalls and mudwalls in early summer, and goofing around every day with Brad.

ummm so whats been new.

recently I went to Warped Tour in Fitchburg with Cory, Jeff, Sean and Kevin M. The traffic was sooo bad we were able to run out of the car and into the woods for a bathroom break and still have time to calmly walk back before any car moved. HOWEVER, it served as an amazing bonding experience regardless. When we got there we saw Saves the Day, Motion City Soundtrack, Less Than Jake (from afar) The bouncing Souls, The Academy Is, Armour For Sleep, and last but not least, THURSDAY! All of them put on great shows, but I'd have to say Motion City and Thursday tied for best shows of the day. Haha, Jeff and Cory kept throwing me into the crowd and I was like nooo I don't wanna crowd surf, I just want to have my eyes glued to the band the ENTIRE time! But once, as the crowd was carrying me away I see someone waving and mouthing PETE BEST! and it was Liz Patria! I was like nooo let me get down! But we got to catch up after the show. It was great to see Sara Noyes there (as well as Marcus) and see Saves with her, and awesome seeing Katy Giguere, Cory Cain, Jim Fitzpatrick, and utterly STELLAR to run into Heidi B! By the time we all got back we were caked in dirt. but man we rocked with MIGHTY THUNDER in the pit! I still don't think my lungs have completely recovered from all the dust but oh well :/

I wasn't able to make it to balloonapalooza or the show The Format was playing in Vermont which was incredibly sad, but I was sooo tired.

On Sunday Brad and I went to Soulfest! It was sunday so the only real band that was playing was Casting Crowns. There was one worship band we saw before hand was craaazy though because they would play normal worship songs, but like with five minute guitar solos. Casting Crowns was amazing, I loved the things the lead singer would talk about inbetween songs. It was great to see Jacqui, Hannah, Mindy, Sam, Colby, and RJ! The tents had some really cool stuff inside, but I wish I could've gone to at least SOME of the conferences. LAST but not least, I saw Jill and was able to give her her Christmas in July present, and catch up for a little and see her friends Mark and Danielle! After that Brad and I went for a swim in the lake, played on the play ground and headed homeward where we found CHRIS NOYES, Dusty Grey and Matt JENSEN playing at the bandstand with a bunch of fun people watching. That was a great time, we were able to see Bob and Will back from Bermuda. After Matt was done playing Will came over and ate dinner/played at the makeshift ropeswing at our house and then me, Bob, Will, Brad, Laura and Sarah A went for a DIP at the St. Pauls docks. GOOFY time.

It's crazy how the summer is winding down, soon Brad, Ben, Will and I might go to Gauchos, and then my family goes to Disney world as one last HURRAH! at the end of summer. I've already started packing for Keene. YIKES! Long entry, sorry, but no real need for anyone to read this far :-P

thats all I can record right now.
-Peter Awesome Raymond Danger Rafiel Ninja-dude Best!

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I'd rather take on another Hungarian Horntail then have to find a date to the Yule Ball [26 Jul 2006|09:00am]
[ mood | busy ]

Joke(s) of the day for the record:


Q: Why did the man take his friend to get a tattoo?

A: Because he had an INKling his friend wanted one!


Q: What was the first AND last name of the female paleontologist (doctor who studies dinosaur bones) ?

A: Her name was Tara-Dactle!

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[19 Jul 2006|10:41am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

An excerpt from my live-journal of yesteryears:

November 10th, 2004: “Man, this sounds kindof weird and emo, but I really wish I had a girlfriend right now. I mean I joke around with Dan about the matter, but I seriously feel really lonely. It's just been so long since I've had someone to love, and make things for, and treat with respect, and tell her how much she is worth, and make her smile, and give all my shiny medals to her, and comfort her when she needs me, and play with her and just have someone that I can share the purest, most innocent love with. I feel kindof like I've written this before or something. Déjà vu. I'm so shy when it comes to girls. They completely phase me every single time. Seriously I make Steve Urkel look cool when I come within five feet of a girl. And thats a problem when theres over 300 girls who go to your school.”

haha well I don’t get shiny medals and trophies anymore, but I really do miss having someone to make things for, treat with respect, make her feel special, comfort, go to GREAT lengths to try and make smile…pretty much all the goofy things I wrote about two years ago. And yeah, even share the purest and innocent love possible with. MAN, I FEEL LIKE I’VE WRITTEN THIS BEFORE OR SOMETHING. Déjà vu!!!

I guess for the first time this summer, I’m doubting my singleness.
I know I was almost sure I could stay content with the single life FOREVER, and for a long time I thought that I must have been built to stay single and by myself, but I was wrong. I just feel like if that was the case, I wouldn’t have so much to give.

Well, anyways, here’s to epiphanaic moments when all the puzzle pieces fall into place, and you finally see what you heart desires(and more importantly what God desires for you) with crystal clarity :-D

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it's alright because the starlight at night is more of a highlight than the high life [14 Jul 2006|09:54pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So, HOLY COW! A lot has been goin on lately. This summer is definitely comparable to a treadmill that starts off nice and slow, and ends up cranked up to level 12, utilizing the hill simulation cardio program, and set at 45 degree incline!

I guess I’ll recap the last week or so as briefly as possible.

-I had the INCREDIBLY serendipitous opportunity to hang out with Sara Noyes this past week, playing guitar hero, Dance Dance Revolution, carving it up with the Quadcarver, and riding it like a wave Zephyr style with Chris’s old school board.

-I was able to see Dan-the-man at his 21st birthday party. I delivered his present, and see some long-since unseen and sorely missed Hopkinton kids including Emily, Melissa D., Kyle Litchfield, Will Broderick, that awesome kid who ran track with me and went to the same youth group, and I met a neat-o guy who hurdled in high school and knew me. I really think Dan liked his present, and a good time was had by all. I wish I could’ve stayed longer. That seems like such a long time ago…I can’t believe so much stuff has happened since then… :-/

-Will and Bob took me to the ropeswing to build a big platform, and I’m eagerly anticipating using it….I got gnarly poison ivy that day.

-I got a HUGE letter/drawing/doodle from my favorite wrestling manager/youth group bud Holly in Montreat!

A memento of the day free of dependance:

I can handstand. How come I'm not on a Jones Soda label?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The closest we got to a group shot
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Be EXCELLENT to eachother...and PARTY ON dudes!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Rough-housing with AJ and Alexis
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I went down to Amesbury for the 4th of July, and saw Jacqui, Peggy, Andy, and Debbie. We went down to the lake and swam and watched fireworks coming from three directions. It was AWESOME. After we dried off we had some delicious pizza, and freestyle joked for a while. As the dead of night descended further onto us, and Andy and Peg and Debbie went home, Brad Jacqui and I watched GRIND, and then some awesome Twilight Zone episode. After that we went back to the lake and talked until it was late enough we knew the day was neigh-approaching! There was no use in sleeping, so we drove down to Salsbury beach to watch the sun crest it’s ornamental peak in the sky. We walked along the beach for a while till the tide almost washed our towel away. The sky was SOO awesome, but we never saw the sunrise until we were driving back and realized we were looking in the wrong direction. Ha ha ha goodstuff. It was about five when we visited Peggy at Dunkin Donuts and told her that we got up wicked early at five just to visit her. I’m pretty sure I went into every shop barefoot, but brad and I shared a pair of sandles lol.

The next day we saw Ang, and all went to visit Mrs. Groder. She gave us all popsicles and then Brad and I played and did tricks with some sweet boogie boards into the soft-pool. Then we played with Alexis and AJ, who Mrs. Groder was babysitting from Haiti. We worked super hard, and created a WHIRL-POOL style lazy river for them, and played two on two tag, and even got to play some SWEET Mario64 with them until Jaqui and Ang came down and gave us a two minute warning just as I was on an awesome streak at Zelda L

After we left, Adam and Ben and Kate came over for a while and we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of FIRE! Man oh man, I’ve seen that movie DOZENS of times and it never gets old!

Soo that’s about it for now. I’m really anxious for “Again to Carthage” to come out. Is it September yet?

Ummm after that life’s been decent… I’m missing a bunch of stuff but I was able to go to Bible study last Friday, and it was great to see Steve, Scotty S, Scott KEARNEY, and BEST OF ALL Blake Parker! I can’t wait till that goofy goober comes to Keene in the fall.

Uhh last week I got SUNDAES on SUNDAY, went with Corey M, Cancha, Jen and Dan to Ruby TUESDAYS on TUESDAY…I wanted to get FRIES on FRIDAY and just sit around on SATurday to complete the symmetry but oh well haha.

The other day, I was training this kid named Gert at cashiering, and every time I saw him I was like, “YO-GERT!” Hahanaha get it? It made me hungry :-P

I was supposed to see a FREE movie with PIRATES in it with Will tonight, but I had to work, and I also had to miss College&Career group at First Baptist, I kindof wish I could change my schedule around.

Alright sorry the journal’s entertaining factor was kinda low, just trying to record stuff to remember.

Yours truly,

Peter “Danger” Best!

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[02 Jul 2006|11:28am]
I hung out with Sara Noyes TWO days in one week...I'm PRETTY MUCH the coolest kid in Bow now
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I guess you guys aren't ready for this yet....but you're KIDS are gonna LOVE it!!!! [26 Jun 2006|08:40am]
[ mood | cheeky ]

Hey guys, just to warn, this is gonna be a pretty boring entry. Nothin really to entertain, just recording thoughts I've had recently and events that took place :-D

Without further adou, the REAL DEAL with Pete Best!

Lately I've been thinking about the role pain in life. It's definately an area I try not to dwell on, but I just thought of a realization I've had concerning the topic.
So in life sometimes we all feel a pain that hurts you and you don't think you'll really ever heal. And up until now, I always thought when that kindof pain hits you, it's analogous to something like having you're hand taken off. You can't re-grow another hand and recover completely, but you can learn to get along just as well using only one hand and learn to cope.
However, lately I've found that it really is possible to mend, and to geuninely heal. I dunno, I guess the point of this real deal blurb is that I've gained a lot more confidence in the healing power of time. I suppose I'm wicked grateful for that, and for God of course, because with without him I'm pretty sure everything just gets lost in it's own broken way, and never heals at all.

As KJ-52 puts it, "God's grace I gratefully got, cause hope in Him has helped to heal this hurtin' heart"
haha pretty goof, but true.

Now to the actual portion of this livejournal entry!

So the last week has been very fun. One REALLY hot day, me Brad and Barbara went to Conners pool and swam for a while and played a REALLY fun T-game in it.
We found a really slippery floating pad, and did slidey tricks off of it onto the pool. One time i even did a one hand, handstand slide into the water! I was so proud of myself!
We were supposed to have a pizza/Zoolander party, but Barbara had to go home, and Conner had to do something with his family :( oooooh well. We shall have one soon!
The other day we went to Dans house and played two on two ultimate frisbee with him and his brother and sister. We ended up playing wiffleball too, as well as light up frisbee when it got dark.
One day we went to Merges house and watched Pink Panther and played flashlight tag! I tried sooo hard to be the first to touch goal, but it was no use! Ooooooh well :-P
The day before yesterday was a fun day as well. After work we went to Wills and played a little guitar hero, then we decided to go to the skatepark at 11:ish in the night. We brought the quadcarver and just left the cars headlights on so we could see and it was SOOO fun to ride the vert on the quadcarver! Oh man, one time I rode it up a little quarter pipe ramp and onto the table top. When I did a re-entry onto the other side I landed in the HUGEST puddle. and it was so cool and neato to look at how the light played on the little droplets of water. So after that we just kept riding around and through the puddle and it was sooooo refreshing to get all sprinkly when it was so hot out. Then before we left, we went up this wicked sketchy looking firetower that the fire department used to practice putting out fires on. There were boards all nailed down to look like they were collapsed, but were really there just to make a challenge for firemen. When we got to the top, the skatepark looked just like a tiny patch of concrete with little bumps on it, and We were high enough that we were able to shake the entire building. I don't remember completely accurately, but I'm pretty sure that was the end of that playnight.

YESTERDAY was....LEON DAY!!!!!!! haha a rediculously large ammount of people Instant Messaged me yesterday wondering what Leon day was. Leon day is the word NOEL spelled backwards. It marks the six month mark until Christmas day comes around! It also serves as the one month mark, and unofficial holiday start to the Christmas in July season! (kinda the same thing as the day after thanksgiving)
I don't think I could have asked for a better LEON day.
I woke up early, and wen't to church. DSpence delivered the sermon and dropped it like it was hot!
After church I went directly home and then with Brad to Jessies where her little sister was having a tea party with her friend...a tea party which IIIII wasn't invited to! *TEAR*! haha Will and Jess played some Ping Pong for a bit and we all played a pretty gnarly game of carpet hockey.
After that we had a quick pizza at Wills, and went to the tennis courts to play. Then Jess went with her friend Christina, and we went to home depot to look for strong rope for a rope swing. We ended up visiting the ropeswing which is still pretty decent! We played there for a bit and I tried to learn to backflip in mid-swing.
It wasn't until after that I realized my $270 paycheck was in my pocket the WHOLE time! GAAAAAH oh well, I think I salvaged it pretty well, and I'm just gonna try to deposit it tomorrow.
On the way back from the rope swing we saw a DEER! Will slammed on the brakes, put the car in park, jumped out of the car, and absolutely SPRINTED chasing the deer. We caught up to him as the deer ran into the woods, and we saw ANOTHER deer. Those were the first deer I've ever seen in Bow since I ran a 5 miler with the A-team during Cross Country my junior year :-D

umm next I watched the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. If someone ever tells you that the movie IZO is rare, high quality, and hard to find, they really mean that you should probably consider drinking bleach rather than watching it...to put it lightly.

After the movie, lots of Guitar hero made up for the horrendous movie. At about 8ish, we saw Bob and Laura, and saw RAQUEL after an entire YEAR of her being in Spain! We all had some more delicious pizza, and after a while Brad and I retired for the night to go decorate for Christmas in July. Bedtime was fairly early though, and here I am!

alright, sorry for the not-too-exciting post!

-Peter Raymond Awesome Danger Rafiel Ninja-dude Best!

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Aight guys this is a simple 1345 riff in key of F#, watch me for the changes and uhh try to keep up. [17 Jun 2006|10:37pm]
[ mood | dreamful ]

HEY HEY, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dudes and dudettes.

so I'm getting much better at updating this thing which is very rad indeed.

Right now I'm very carefully balancing my work, fun, staying in shape, whilst still trying desperately to make some good, quality cards. I made three different cards in the past week, which doesn't sound like much, but I guess I'm having writers block :P

anyways, enjoy the Joke of the day, courtesy of Jillian O'brien!!!! :-D :-P :-)

Q: What did one tongue say to his best tongue friend?

A: He said, "I like your taste bud."

hahaha, AMAZING to say the least.

SOOO I'm really mad that I didn't get to go to the college career group at Church, I guess it was yesterday, but I didn't know what time. But OH MAN! I saw Andrew Porrier's grandfather at Church, and I haven't seen that kid for well over three years! And on Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting a new visitor to our Church, Patricia Callis! I was really glad I got to meet her, and she might be transferring to Keene the semester after this coming one, which would just be CRAZY! Andrew is doing a missions trip this summer, which is splendid as well. Also, I ran into my most influential mentor of my highschool years, Dr. Lockhardt. Or as I like to call him, Dock-Lock. :P

Ummm pretty soon, I'm hoping to go down to Camp Good News to see Jason and Heather. I'm really excited for that. Maybe I'll get lucky and even get to see Jeremy Kidder, and Uncle YENS!

On a different note, alot of people I talk to are telling me I'm becoming a much more serious person than I used to be. I'm not really sure how to take that...I feel bad if I'm less fun or whatever. They say, "lighten up, life is too short to take seriously." I dunno, I never really liked that quote. In my opinion, I'd say something along the lines of "Life is too short to go through as a big joke, without ever taking anything seriously and having little to no meaning or purpose in it." or something like that. Haha just a random opinion. I'll call it THE REAL DEAL with Pete Best.

I thought for once this would be an actual short journal entry. My bad, at least one more thing on my mind to get off my chest.

So I'm reading in Corinthians about Paul's view on Celebacy. He talks alot about it, but the general gist of it is summed up in 1st Corinthians 7:38.

his opinion is that, "So then, he who courts and he who marries will do well, but he who refrains from marriage will do better."
Lately I've been thinking alot about the celebit life. The more I think about it, the more I think maybe being single from now on is meant for me.
I just think it's weird whenever I tell people I might just want to live a life of celebacy and who knows, maybe just do some sort of missions, and they say, "NOOO Peter, you're going to be so miserable that way!" and I dunno. I think I could still be really happy :) But whatever.

haha sometimes I DEFINATELY want to do that...But then I think about the hundreds of THOUSANDS of girls that that would dissapoint! The female community would be DEVASTATED!

tehe just kidding, and that's it for now.

-Peter DANGER Best!

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summer dayyyys [12 Jun 2006|05:54pm]
[ mood | fulllll from dinner ;-D ]

So, the last few days have been pretty fun, and we've had a record breaking, AMAZING 36 hour break from all the rain so far!!! Which is very exciting to me :)
But before the rest of this entry, get ready, cause a brand spankin' new joke is hurtling your way!

Q: What happened to the plumber who decided to play poker one night?

A: He got a straight FLUSH!

So last week I had nooo work which was simply SCRUMPTIOUS. Although it was rainy, we all made the best of it, and it was a WICKED fun week!

On friday I was supposed to go to the playground with Barbara, but it got rained out. I decided a raincheck was in order because due to the rain, it would only be appropriate to have a RAIN check! I didn't know what a raincheck looked like so I just drew a picture of a cloud raining, and then drew a big check next to it :P
BUT Ang and Jacqui, who are now pretty much regulars in Bow-town, came down and played with us. We all got out of work and played guitar hero at Wills house until Mrs. Lauwers kicked us out. Then KRISTEN came with us and we decided we wanted to go swimming, so we went to Conners house to see if we could raid his pool. Haha we got to his house just as he was backing up to go to McKibbles party. We all looked at eachother and were like...McKibble has a pool!!!! So we followed him there and hung out downstairs for a while, but in the end his Dad didn't want us to cause it was like 10:30 and he thought it would be kindof dangerous. What Mr. McKibble didn't know, was that DANGER is my middle name!

OOOH well, so we were bored and drove into Concord, it was too rainy to scooter, so we went into Walmart and played with the toy guitars, and then got bored so we bought a huge thing of Hawaiian punch and cookies n' cream icecream and went back to my house to watch Big Fish. I was getting tired cause it was about 12:00 by the time we got back and while everyone was watching the movie I just lounged on the ground with Will eating icecream and dozed into a comfortable sleep. SO. Relaxing.

SO thennn we go back to Wills house to eat the food at Bobs prom party! As we pulled into the driveway it looked like someone was being sketchy and looking in the other car we left at Wills, but it was just Sarah who thought it was hers. HAHA at first I was like ummmm...? But holy cow! It was great to see Bob and Tom and Matty Jenson and all the other crazy cats there too!

We got kicked out of Wills house again, so they all slept over in our basement :-) We didn't get to go to bed until super late, but when we woke up we watched home videos, return of Jafar, and then had lunch at Wills, managing to not get kicked out by Mrs. Lauwers again!

Work was soooo long and hard, but during my break, me and Nick and Sean Leahy went to the food court for lunch, and I saw Scott and Claire and Christine and Tim! Then Chris Lou and Doug Rosenberg popped out of nowhere and were like PETE! It was like an AMBUSH super stealth style! I dare to say it, the brief Campus Crusade reunion was the best part of work.

YESTERDAY I had the best church sermon ever, then I headed down to Laconia to play with Nicole. We met at the Tilton Outlets and I saw the Lahars! They don't go to first baptist anymore, so it was cool to catch up with them. When we got to Nicoles house it was sooo hot so we scootered to the lake with her dog Riley and her brother Mike. THERE WERE SO MANY PLACES TO SCOOTER! And right before we made a quick pitstop at the playground I got so much air on one little hill! I thought I was going to die! Thank the Lord I didn't :-0

The lake was so refreshing and I just DIVED in. It was such a good time to swim, and RIGHT after we got out I saw a swingset on the beach. I don't think Nicole wanted to go on the swings toooo too much, but after a bit of whining and begging I talked her into having a swing competition with me, which was quite fun in the warm summer air.

After that we played basketball, and then waited for dinner and reminisced about the good old days in Keene :^D I had the first meal made by Mrs. Tikkanen since she the day made me us that DELICIOUS chicken noodle soup last year in November :P We picked up Rheana and then played HOME RUN DERBY! I wrestled Mike in the grass and almost died cause he was like twice my weight but I DOMINATED! haha I feel a little sore from less than like three minutes of wrestling...I think that means I'm out of shape.

to be short, I'd report that it's been an amazing week, and this new week is off to a spifforific start.

Holy Chickens this is a long entry...anyone with the attention span to read it the whole way through deserves a dollar.

-Peter Danger Best

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[04 Jun 2006|01:13pm]
[ mood | awake! ]

Hey LJ, and potential, occasional or regular livejournal readers!

I have an extra special treat for you guys, a joke of the day! It might not be much, and may not produce more than a gutteral giggle to lighten your day, but I did my darndest to make it.

Q: Why was the poor child in class very disliked by his teacher?

A: Because he could never afford to pay attention!!!

lol now that thats out of the way...

UMMM so play days of late have been pretty fun. We were able to see Ang and Jacqui three out of four days last week.
First Ang and Jacqui came down for Jacquis birthday. I had some delicious cake and we all went to smokey bones. LOTS of food, fun time. Then we went back and watched Mystery Science Theater that had this goofy posture video from the 1950's.

I left early after we went on a cool misty walk, and watch X-MEN 3 with none other than DIRTY DSNYDE! We saw Jordan Kelly and Rich Pollard when we met up at the Bow Mobile, and it was just great catching up with them. RICH let me put my finger in his EAR GAUGE! It's so huge, and I unabashedly say that it was quite amusing.
We got to the theater and I saw Nathano Godsmano, Heather Field, Sean and Nikki working there. JUST before we went into the movie Maxfield came in and ended up watching the movie with us. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. BEAST is the freakin MAN. And Juggernaut...don't you know who he is? haha I think Dan really liked it so that was good.

Another day Corey came over, and then Merges came over too. We played on the rope swing I made at my house, and then Corey gave me the CD for his band RegretMeNot. Really nice of him! We went out to get pizza, and then came back here and he showed us some goofy videos on the computer. It was a fun night :-D

The next day I had to work an awful day, only interrupted by one small mercy. Ang and Jacqui heard how much I didn't want to go to work, so they drove down and brought me a POSTURE KING crown (referance to Mystery Science Theater) a noise maker to play with, and a "I can tie my shoes" ribbon. After work we went to Arnies to get some Ice Cream, and I saw LIZ PATRIA there! It was SO exciting! It was unfortunate that I missed her play, and I wanted to go to it SO. BAD. but I tried and just couldn't find it. After Arnies we hung out and Willyums house and watched Mary Poppins and played guitar hero until 2:30ish and came back home.

Yesterday, (it feels like today) I made a short yet sweet visit to my second home, and was able to hang out with and see Krystal, Nicole, a sleepy Derek, Mr McCormick, and Jenny B, who I may never see her AGAIN unless I venture to Umass in the near future :( I met a dude name Tim Allen, except he wasn't a tool man in his 40's, who lives right next to Amesbury! and that was pretty neato.

There was no childrens church today, which is, at best, regrettable, but I'll be EXTRA amped to get back in the game later on.

All in all, life is starting to become alot brighter. There are still pangs of sadness that can punctuate the happy times with such a vengeance that they can make your heart skip a beat, but without sadness, I'm not sure we would be able to appreciate happiness as much :D

You stay classy San Diego,

-Peter Awesome Raymond Danger Rafiel Ninja-dude Best!

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and STACY's gonna be on CHARLIES AAAAANGELS! raaalaww! [30 May 2006|11:10am]
[ mood | Jubilant ]

Yesterday was one of the best days I've ever experinced in my life. There are some days God blesses us all with, days free of any worry or sadness, and completely overflowing with sunshine, happiness and wonder, as if you were seeing every one of Gods creations for the first time :-D Any man would consider himself lucky to experience about seven of those days throughout his entire life, and today was most certainly one of those days.

The day started off early, and I went to Wills house and watched some of Braveheart and goofed around. We ate burgers and sausage and had juice for lunch, and then ate DELICIOUS fried beans out of a huge bowl. It came to our attention that we were supposed to leave and visit Jacqui and Angela in Amesbury at 1:00, so around twelve we headed out and arrived punctually. We had a little bit of food at Ang's and THEN we went in the water. It was soooo cool and refreshing. There was only one pair of flippers, so Will and I shared and each put one on.

We found a canoe with a hole in it, so I tried plugging it up with my toe, but it didn't work. We started trying to do nose mauals with it and we stood up on it and played. Eventually we both sat on one end so the hole wasn't in the water and made us sink. I played with their windsurfer, except without the sail and just paddled, and THEN we went water skiing. I never did it before so I was WICKED bad, but it was still fun, and then we helped a guy build a pier onto the lake for a little while.

After we just sat on the swing seat and talked with Ang and Jaquie and her friend until Ang had to go to work at Newburyport. Before work we went to a shop and got hotdogs for 25 cents and then went in and met her boss, and there was nobody in the kids room, so she let us come in and we watched the Great Mouse Detectives and she gave us Potato Chips and and let us sip water in really fancy glasses. THEN she made us a pizza for free, and it was just DELICIOUS. When we were done, she gave us icecream sandwiches and then we had to go for a couple hours cause kids were coming.

When we left where she worked, it was sooo nice out, the perfect day, and Newburyport was just beautiful. We layed in the grass and widdled sticks to make presents for her to say thanks, and then walked around looking for swings. Sarah Collins came and hung out with us for the remainder of the night. We went to Starbucks and saw MICAH GRODER there! I don't believe I've seen him since the conclusion of my junior year in highschool. We explored a little more, and saw a really cool building/Thai restaurant.

At that time it was about to go back, and Ang came back and the sun was setting to this brilliant orange that was just amazing. We wanted to go swimming again, so we all drove to plum island and went to a quality playground. The sun was setting, and you could see the moon REALLY brightly just above the pink and orange and blue and yellow. When we were done with the swings, we went down on the beach and went into the water. It was crazy cause the water didn't even really look like water, more like a bunch of mixed paints all swirled together because it was reflecting the sunset. We goofed around there for a while and I saw really pretty lights above the plane of the waters' edge. The one downside of the evening was when Jacqui got her purse stolen, and Will his shark sandles. But even so, we couldn't help but notice how bright the stars were. Even though there was a TON of lights around, we could still see the stars so brightly!

At about that point we went to the police station and gave them some information, and then went to Jacquis and goofed around for a bit. At like 11:00 we headed back, and stopped by at Dunkin Donuts.

NEEDLESS to say, fun, awesome, really good day. It stinks I have to work so much. I really hope to go back to Amesbury on the 4th of July just like last year and watch Disney movies again and have pancakes in the woods and maybe not spraypaint my crutches but spraypaint something? haha whatev.

OKEY DOKE, thats it for now!

Peter Raymond Awesome Danger Rafiel Ninja-dude Best!

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[19 May 2006|09:24am]
[ mood | curious..like a certain GEORGE ]

Man oh man. I love the summer so much.

Last week, I experienced the second consecutive flood I've experienced in seven months. That really put a DAMPER on things! Literally! Ha!

QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT! Due to the various requests in the previous entry, Democracy will rule!
The Joke of the Day in BACK in Action!


Q: What did the owner of the cereal store say when a customer made a purchase?

A: He said, "Would you like to pay with Kashi or credit?"

hahaha, well I thought it was good when I made it up in the shower the other day.

haha, no, but aside fromt the week of rain, this summer has been really fun. Yesterday was a fun day. We went into town and visited the new S&W skate shop, which was cool just hard to find. The parking garage was blocked off so we had to climb down off of the grated wall to get going. We drove around and visited some cigar shop on Main street, and then just walked around shooting the breeze in Concord for a little while, then went to the Bow mobile to get some Gatorade.
AFTERWARDS we played basketball at the highschool and visited all the kids there. It was so weird because everyone seems to change so much in such a short period of time.
THEN we went up to the basketball courts at the elementary school where we could dunk, but just ended up playing on the playground.
WHEN WE GOT HOME, we found our mom had baked us cookies! They looked like Easter bunnies and were deliciously pallatable.

Then we just hung out at the house for a bit and I finished The Pentultimate Peril.

At like 7:30 we went over to Isabels and ate the TASTIEST lasagna ever! Will really wanted to go swimming, so we tried to get Isabel to call Conner and convince him to let us swim in his pool, but we couldn't get ahold of him.

BUT I saw the BEST movie EVER! I'm pretty sure Two Brothers is my favorite movie in the WORLD now. It's up there with Curious George and March of the Penguins!

All in all it was a fun day free of working at ALL and no time cooped up in a building when I could be outside playing :P I have a little tummy ache from eating all those ice pops but it was WELL worth it!

thats it for now,

Peter Awesome Raymond Danger Rafiel Ninja-dude Best!


I really miss reading matilda. I wanna know how it ends too, ya know!

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