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Q: What did the dinosaur say when a comet was about to hit the earth and wipe out all life on the planet?

A: He said, "MAN! This ex-STINKS!" (invented in Adventureland, Orlando Florida)

Q: What do people who sneeze all the time wear on their shoes?

A: They wear "AHHHH-SHOOOES!" (@ KSC)

Q: "Did you hear about the map reader who was great at what he did?

respondant: "No, I didn't."

A: "Yeah, he was a LEGEND!" (invented in Geology class)

Q: What was the death-defying acrobat only four feet tall?

A: Because his growth was STUNT-ed!

FINALLY that last one. If you are a bit squeamish when you read jokes with a scandalous edge to them, please do not read below...however, if you can watch PG movies, then I'm pretty sure you can handle this :-D

Q: What do you call a doctor who examines a dinosaurs more *ahem* intimate parts?


that concludes the joke pow-wow for the day. Updates on the riveting life of Pete Best are coming soon, but suffice it to say it wouldn't be cavalier to say it's rather amazing!
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You could reword the jokes a bit, ie. What do people with dust allergies wear on their feet, and you could just write for the second one, did you hear about the world famous cartologist?