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What a summer, what a fall!

It's weird writing in this thing like I'm writing to someone I haven't talked to in forever. As embarrassing as it is, sometimes I feel like when I forget about journals I used to write in all the time, it responds by eagerly listening to what has been going on in my life, almost scolding me for leaving it in the dark as to the comings and goings of my life. Yeah, I even feel a little bit of instinctual guilt for neglecting it and not considering it's "feelings."

Anywho, it's been a crazy summer (I think that's where I left off?) I wasn't able to find a job at New Hampshire magazine in order to work somewhere that pertains to my enlgish major, but I DID work at a particularly magical mini-golf course. Chucksters is the invention of Mark Blasko and Chuck Bretton, two AWESOME dudes at my church who have managed to remain five years old their entire lives while celebrating their 50ish'th birthday days at some point this year. It has the longest minigolf hole in the world (possibly in the universe) and BOY is it FUNbelievable! I worked an easy 40 hours a week and made just enough money to finance yet another year of college. Plus! I got payed to juggle and perform magic tricks for kids parties!

This summer was great in a lot of ways. I loved hanging out with the people at Chucksters; they really felt like family. Although I didn't get to go cliff jumping with Corey at the Quarries, I did manage to do a lot of fun bridge jumping and fun swimming with Will. The day before I left Keene I saw State Radio in concert and was EQUALLY thrilled as when they played for Keene the year prior. I did a lot of skimboarding at the beach, and SOULFEST's 10th year anniversary was actually AMAZING. We saw Holy Fire, rocked our faces off to John Reuben, goofed around at Eleventy Seven, and finally ascended into an INCREDIBLE culmination of musical ECSTASY as MxPx played the best set that I've ever seen them play. All the classics, some new catchy songs, and an awesome encore of Punk Rawk show were played and I don't think they could've done a more quality job.

Also this summer I made the purchase of a great longboard. It's extra flexible and laced with fiberglass so you can pretty much ride it like water. In addition to the tech skateboarding I've been doing on and off since my freshman year of highschool, I've discovered a completely new style of skating/sidewalk surfing.

As the summer tapered down, we finished work and I actually had free time to go to dinner and catch up with Corey M., Cancha, and Jen again. I got to see J-Lynne, and I met Jeff Chagnon at Warped Tour. Although I didn't get to go with the gang like last summer, I still had such a good time, seeing Amber Pacific, The Spill Canvas, The Toasters, The Starting Line, and the MAIN act my brohan and I had in mind: THE ROCKET SUMMER!! At the close of summer Elsa visited us and we dug up family videos left unwatched for 14ish years. Finally, on the last day that I was free before summer, I got together with Pete Chiriciello, Laura T and Dayvid and we watched an indie film at The Music House in Portsmouth. It was cool walking around the streets that I knew I'd be neighboring in only a matter of days, and the sights at night were incredible. All in all, an A+ summer.

annnnnd THAT is the end of this chapter. More to come on the Fall of '07 at the University of New Hampshire!

with much love,
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